Wrockwardine Wood Club Pool Player Facilities


Playing Pool at Wrockwardine Wood Club


Wrockwardine Wood Club has a policy of actively supporting local Pool players and supporting local Pool teams. This policy has led to Wrockwardine Wood Club offering some of the very best Pool playing facilities in Shropshire.


Pool at Wrockwardine Wood Club


At a time where the average cost of a game of Pool is approximately 70p per game, Wrockwardine Wood club offers Free Pool and provides some of the very best playing facilities in the county (high quality tables, a choice of high quality balls and often - high quality opposition).


Match Pool Tables at The Club, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford


Wrockwardine Wood Club Pool Tables

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Such are the facilities at Wrockwardine Wood Club, that it is home to the Shropshire County Ladies Pool Team and Shropshire County Youth Pool Team and it is also used as a venue for local league knockouts.


County matches are held on 5 (five) match tables located in the Wrockwardine Wood Club Function Room (Pool tables are stored away during function room events).



Pool Tables at The Club, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford


Tournament Pool Tables at "The Club"

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Thursday nights are "given up to" Wrockwardine Wood Club In-House Pool League. This is one of the best leagues in the county and features 3 divisions which are peppered with excellent players (including ex internationals and many current and past county players). However, such is the quality that there is (obviously) a long waiting list.



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