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Wrockwardine Wood Football Club (Wrockwardine Wood Members Club) is a lively, friendly Social Club which primarily serves the Wrockwardine Wood area of Telford, but is also regularly frequented by people from the opposite end of town.


The Club, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford


Known locally, simply as "The Club", Wrockwardine Wood Football Club (Telford) is a friendly social club which offers surprisingly low prices, a vibrant bar with plenty of good natured banter.


Bar area at The Club, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford


Wrockwardine Wood Club Bar

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The Club bar is well stocked and prices are amongst the lowest in Shropshire. The bar area includes an alcove (out of frame in the above picture) which is used for dominoes, crib and poker whilst a large, wall mounted flat screen TV faces the bar and is used to screen music channels, football matches, other sports events etc.

Focal point in the bar is probably the tournament quality Pool table.


Playing Pool at The Club, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford


Ex England International Kevin Beddoe

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The Function Room is used for Club Entertainment Evenings which include live music acts, race nights etc.

For much of the week, the function room houses 5 excellent Pool tables which are used by the Shropshire County Ladies Team and Shropshire County Youth team for home games. The tables are also used by local leagues for their prestigious events such as singles, doubles and team championships. The function Room is also regularly used for League Meetings, Committee Meetings and Presentation Evenings. The Pool Tables are removed and securely stored when the Function Room is "hired out".

The Function Room is available for hire at very competitive rates.

The Club is famous for low prices and low cost drinks. At the time of writing (June 2016), membership is only 3 per annum and a pint of lager costs only 2.70.

Wrockwardine Wood Football Club (The Club) is cheap without being "nasty" and simply offers excellent value for money.


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